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At Asma Digital Inc., our mission is to help professionals, parents, and business owners earn more, giving them time for family, dreams, and serving others. We aim to reduce poverty and help people live the life they desire. Let us show you how our lucrative business can benefit you too!

Asma Digital Inc.

My name is Asmaou Djima Radji (CEO @ Asma Digital Inc./ LLM holder & based in Canada). ON this workshop we break down every detail ON HOW TO START YOUR BUSINESS. I will walk you through the steps on how you too can plug in to our system & run your business in the online space as quickly as possible. Remember to Take our INFO PACKAGE after the webinar so you can get more details on how to access our community, learn, Earn and grow in this business.This business can help you Pay your bills on time without worry, Travel & live on your own terms, walk away from that daily grind. If you're ready for a change, and are looking to take control of your time, you are in the right place!

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It's no longer viable to rely on one source of income, Our system provides several options, allowing you to create one, or multiple revenue streams. This is the workshop where we lay it all out. How you can create your own SUCCESSFUL Digital Business.

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This is a must see !!

Most people just assume that working online could never even be an option for them. They don't have the tech skills, they don't have the marketing skills. They've never ran a business before. NOW NONE OF THAT MATTERS - THANKS TO THIS WORKSHOP!!

Thank Goodness I Attended!!

Everything in this workshop is practical. These methods are tested and proven. The people using them have been doing so for years. These are real people, running real businesses, getting real results. Meet the people LIVE, in real time and SEE FOR YOURSELF.

More reasons to sign up

It Doesn't Matter Where You Live

We work with people globally to set up their own international business.

Most of the people we work with don't have business experience! We've got business coaching built into the program!

You Don't Need Business Experience

You Don't Need Tech Skills

No need to worry about building websites! Our system is already built and managed for you.

That's right, Thousands! Imagine the combined knowledge and experience you'll be tapping into.

We have Thousands of Mentors

You Don't Need To Hold Inventory

Forget the overhead! Work with suppliers that don't require you to hold any stock yourself!

You Won't Be "That Pushy Salesperson"

Nobody likes to be pushed or pushy! Learn how to use "attraction marketing" to get your clients.


Give yourself permission to have a beautiful life!

Experience Not Required

Take Your Business Everywhere


Internet, Laptop And Cell Phone Are All You Need

You Decide When You Work


Learn From The Best
Mentorship & Coaching

  • Multiple Income Streams
  • Complete Training Provided
  • Website Included
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Live Masterminds Weekly
  • Global Community Of Entrepreneurs
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What People Are Saying


Chris and Karen

We've paid off our mortgage, taken multiple vacations every year and even helped out my family back in the Philippines.

This has allowed us to retire early spend our days together and enjoy quality time with our kids and new grand daughter!



This is such a blessing. Good bye rushed mornings and late daycare pickups, AND my husband stopped working his crazy hours!

I am so thankful that because of this business I was able to stay home with my three kids after my maternity leave.

Edison and Mary


We love that this business frees us to spend our days together at home and travel whenever we want.

I was always looking for a better way to earn a living and now I finally found it! This business has delivered more family time as well as set me up for a worry free retirement!

Rebecca and Khampay


This has changed our life. After a short time in the business we got an RV and travelled the country. We were able to move to our dream city of beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

This amazing business has given me the opportunity to create a global business and work with people all over the world. It has given me to upgrade my personal lifestyle and support my family in the Philippines.

Wade and Karen


The unlimited potential of this online system allowed us to take control and write the last half of our own story our way. Our years of struggle became our strength. Now we thrive!

After a serious car accident I found it extremely painful to continue sitting at my desk due to my injuries. After a year and a half of starting my online business I was able to quit my job.



With two masters degrees I worked in the corporate world as an underpaid employee but in less than 15 months quit my full-time job and my husband quit his two other jobs. Now we are more relaxed and spend more time with our kids.

After being a nurse, with this business, there are no more working weekends and long hours! Now it's time for me and my husband to enjoy our days together.

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